The dynamic nature of life and of my own inner experience persists, unrelenting. Music lubricates the everyday, and the periods of regular performance - tour - fill the well. I drink the water at home. 

Faun recently released an album of music that largely came to embody my sense of presence and meaning over the last several years - beauty, darkness, light, aggression, tenderness, absurdity, tension and release. Naturally, the release of the material to the world was tempered by the dissolution of the group as I know it, as several members stated their intentions to follow their respective paths in different directions, while other members present on the album have already departed. So it goes. 

Personally, playing "Dave II" has been one of the most expressive and powerful components of my life thus far. The various moods contained in the piece all began in novelty and thus excitement, eventually curing into familiar spaces of nuance and meditation, specificity and stark intention. The improvisational space in the middle became a place of affirmation as I explored the saxophone, a place where things happened with true spontaneity and thus a modicum of truth. 

Playing this music with these people will be with me for the rest of my life. The reality of that still feels profoundly mysterious. As I watched the solar eclipse unfold, it occurred to me plainly that anticipated moments do indeed arrive, and just the same they pass. 

I look forward to seeing and experiencing whatever comes next in the Faun universe, and give thanks for this moment of perspective and transition...